Gingerbreads - Jarmila a Ivan Klučiarovi

I with my husband have been devoted to decorating gingerbread since the early 90th. Firstly, we began to bake and decorate the gingerbreads for the joy of our children, for who they have been very delicious and aromatic titbits. Later, the beauty and soft decoration of our gingerbreads were noticed by our relatives and their broad neighbourhood. This way our gingerbreads have got to all the coutries of Europe and even to such countries as Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, USA, South Korea, The Maldives.

We put all our skills into the decoration and try the gingerbreads not only to be tasty but also beautiful. The whole decoration is handmade, whether it is lacy decoration also with line base or the glaze decoration, it may be said that every our product is unique. It is possible to accomplish the particular demands of a customer, whether it concerns shape or decoration. Because of this there are not all our products in the gallery.

And in the end one request: if you taste our gingerbreads and enjoy it, tell your relatives, if you do not enjoy it, tell us.


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